NN Twilight quick follow up

NN SunsetWhat a truly amazing experience last night was.  After years of running and coaching, it takes a lot to get me overly excited and revved up for a meet.  But it happened at last night’s Naperville North Twilight meet.  There air was electric!  Such a great idea to hype up and promote our sport of cross country and a phenomenal experience for the kids to partake in.  From running under the lights, finishing on the track, getting medals from an Olympian and professional runner, to music and announcers energizing the crowd, everything was on point.  It’s no wonder that many kids ran so fast.  I was pumped, they were pumped, everyone was pumped…for XC!  Let’s keep the ball rolling as we now move onto preparation for Conference and the state series!

Thanks to Naperville North for putting on such a wonderful event.  Hopefully more events like this pop up to show our communities just how fun and exciting a cross country event can be.


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